Can I order a pie that doesn't appear on your in-store menu?
Yes, if you order three (3) of them. No, if you can't meet the minimum order of three (3). Also, we need at least 48 hours notice on the order. This is important. So important that the order of three (3) can't happen without the notice. 

Irrespective of what I order, can I pick it up on Tuesday?
Yes, we're now open on Tuesdays!

What are your hours again?
We're open Tuesday through Friday from 10:30a-6:00p; and Saturdays from 10:30a-4:30p.

How about Saturdays? I thought you weren't open on those and we told you that you should be open on those.
Yeah, it turns out you were right. We're open on Saturdays now. The real question is how do you tell someone you truly love, I told you so? 

You change your menu a lot. Why do you do that? 
That's a good question. We figure people get bored easy. We get bored easy. That's kind of a projection on our part, but you know, whatever. We don't feel like making pumpkin pies in July. If that's a crime then we stand accused. 

But why is your menu so small? I can go into Kroger and buy like one hundred million pies whenever.
Everything on the menu is made fresh the day of. So, making stuff from scratch in a really small kitchen really handicaps our ability to make a huge variety of flavors at a given time. 

You only sell pie, so you should be able to make more of it, right? 
Well, I mean, we agree with you. We would like to be able to make more pie. We think that's pretty much always the answer, more pie. But before that, we sell more than just pie. 

You sell pie by the slice? 

Do you sell any other food? Like non-dessert stuff?
Not really. But we do serve quiche on Thursdays, so I guess that's kind of a non-dessert thing.

Why don't you sell other food items?
I don't know. I mean, we're a small bakeshop. Do you ever walk into Lowes and ask why they don't sell bananas? 

Can I walk in the store and order a whole pie?
Yes, you certainly can. We'd recommend that you reserve your pie online here because we might be out of something when you come in. We hate it when that happens.

How do I order a whole pie online? 
Go here and reserve whatever you'd like. We take all major credit cards.

Can I call in and order?
Yes, you certainly can. But we fill orders (i.e. online and phone) as we get them on a first come first serve basis. 

I have a big event upcoming and would like some Rule of Pie at the event. Do you do events?
We do. Of course, we have to see if the date you're after is available. If it is, we'll be in contact with you to share our Special Events Menu. If your event falls outside of our open hours (Thursdays and Fridays from 8:00a - 5:30p) there's a $175.00 minimum order. 

Why do you enforce minimum order totals?
Because we're pressed for time and space.

Well, why don't you open more? 
We feel like we've answered this question before, but we don't want to discourage you from asking it (or anything really).

Can you make a cake in the shape of Big Bird?
No. That will probably never be on our menu. But we love Big Bird. That's really nothing against him.

Where can I find your menu?

Can I order a Mississippi Mud pie? 
Is it on the menu?

No, I don't see it. Why?

Do you want three (3) Mississippi Mud pies? 
No. Why would I want three of them? 

All kidding aside (and you know we like to joke sometimes, so thanks for putting up with us), if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the store at 618-565-5189 or write Rick at