My name is Rick. I'm married to Miranda. Together, we run Rule of Pie Bakeshop--though distribution of duties isn't evenly split.  If you took Miranda out of the equation there would be no Rule of Pie. She and her mother engineer the backside of our store and make sure our food is consistent in its quality. That is, in my mind, all that really matters to the end user. The food. The food being good. But, when Miranda and I were seriously considering opening up a storefront, someone asked me what our brand-story was. If you're not familiar with that vernacular (brand-story) then thank your mom for raising you solid, your village for raising one less idiot. 

Our social media tends to take on a lot of our own personalities. I guess people can appreciate that. So, we're using this space as extension of our social media accounts. We'll write about the shop and our food, sure. But also about our varied misadventures in small business owning, our growing professional infrastructure,  and the many competing and sometimes irresponsible philosophies that augment our world here. When l I told Miranda I wanted to name the blog with an old James Baldwin allusion, a line about the American Dream and sunlit prisons, she asked how anyone else in the world found me employable. 

But about the guy who asked about the brand-story: I said, what if it's "The pie is good." He laughed. I asked him if Krapp's Last Tape was indeed Krapp's Last Tape--I mean what else is there left to really say? He looked at me as if I had a horn growing from my forehead. I asked if he ever found himself quoting Darren Rovell at retro cocktail parties. He asked if I was the one who had been drinking. I had not been drinking.