We don't mean to project. Like, we're into something but we don't mean to assume that everyone else is, then, into that something. There has to be a word for that, other than father-in-law, for the person who doesn't understand that taste is subjective. 

But, we're really into coffee. The stuff has a hold on us. Those beans, they're our little, oily opiates, man. We're subjugated. I once tried quitting coffee, but I got a headache. Then I puked. Knees were really bent, man. I'm a healthy addict. Some of you probably are too. Judge us. Whatever. We stand here accused, drinking. But, we like experimenting with the coffee stuff too. Not just out of necessity, but because it's kind of fun. So we're trotting out a bigger coffee menu at Rule of Pie. 

We're serving a Dirty Hippie. The Dirty Hippie is a hot chai latte with a shot of our espresso. We serve it with scratch made whip. The big un' is a double shot. This is the part where someone makes a joke about Rick being a big, dirty hippie. We're fine with that. Apparently, Starbucks has something like this on a secret menu. Secret menus are really something I don't understand. Like, if the thing was good enough, it wouldn't be a secret. It'd move from a secret, a thing customers use smugly (I KNOW THE SECRETS. I'M SUCH A SMART COMPANY MARK. DO YOU EVEN STARBUCKS, BRO?) to a thing worth promoting and selling.

We're serving a Vagabond Mélange. The Vagabond Mélange is a nod to our decaf customers, recognizing that they kind of get the shaft with us not having a decaf espresso blend. The drink is Jen's Joe Mexican decaf, Madagascar vanilla and our signature whip.

We're serving a Snow Shovel, which is a scoop of our homemade ice cream dropped into some Steam Shovel brew. We flavor it with a lot of variety: chocolate, white chocolate, peppermint, etc. 

We're serving a White Lighting. White chocolate syrup, double the espresso of a standard latte, and steamed milk. 

We're serving a lot more variance. I'll quit naming for now and hope that you come check it out. 

If you have ideas, drinks that you might want us to replicate or think about building on, let us know!