Dear Readers, 

We're sorry for the near radio silence this past week and a half. With holiday orders finally finished and the holidays themselves thrust squarely upon us, we had to take a little time off. Maybe not for safety's sake in the sense that no on here was ready to start lighting their persons on fire, or playing in traffic, but we were ready to drink things through a funnel and sleep for days at a time. We know that's a bad place to be, especially when you're not in college anymore. So we had to put things down and walk away.

Rule of Pie will be back, up and running on Jan 13, 2016 (Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8a-530). We'll be serving the usual pies and all sorts of other stuff in 2016 I can't tell you about yet because I'm not sure if their good ideas, but I probably won't be talked out of them because there's nothing more in this world we love more than our own ideas.

And because some of you have asked, we'll confirm. Rule of Pie will be expanding at some point in the sort-of-but-probably-not-too-near-kind-of future. We've made some preparations and have a few ideas. The kids want to open up some kind of ice cream fountain and think that soda jerks are funny because they're jerks. They think dad would make a great one. Miranda likes the idea of  a brunch menu. Rick likes dark liquor. I mean, we all have ideas. We'll get something figured out. 

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