A few weeks ago two students from an SIUC film class got in touch with us about producing a short film. The long and short of it is they came to Rule of Pie and asked us a lot of questions about our businiess--how we got started, how we want to grow, how well we work together, what it's like to have a small family coexisting alongside of a small business. They were really well-prepared and super professional and had big lights and cameras too. So, when they got that all lined up and they wanted us to talk into them I (Rick) got really nervous and started moving my hands around a and I thought they were going to fly away from my wrists kind of like Mary Tyrone's in Eugene O' Neill's Long Day's Journey Into Night. Except I'm not not trying (and failing) to kick a morphine habit, I swear. But I look anxious and suspicious and the only other time I had a camera in front of me when someone asked about pie I said something so stupid that most people I know want to put it on a t-shirt. 

So, we're not romantics or whatever, you know? Before we opened Rule of Pie, we didn't have any aspirations of becoming small business owners. Miranda thought she'd try to focus more on baking, something she'd been doing for a long time anyway, and I thought (at worst) however south things flew, they'd telescope down into a lot more dessert happening at home. I don't know what to tell you. I am a selfish person. I wish I had a better answer to: how did you all get started? The answer is pretty much on accident. It turns out that Miranda is better at making pie than I am at any one thing I've ever done in my entire life. It's almost that simple reallyI wish I had a better answer to: what advice would you give to aspiring [XXX]. I mean, the hell if I know.  Do better? Yeah. Do better. Try harder. Try harder than you are currently trying. 

Other than that, odds are  whatever you're doing is not that important and you're taking yourself too seriously. Don't take yourself too seriously. Laugh a little bit more, will you? At yourself too. Even be irresponsible when you can get away with it. Responsibilities are heavy. It's okay to put them down every now and again. Be sure to pick them back up. But odds are, it's not that important and you're taking yourself too seriously. Not everything you're doing matters, not everything you're going to do will be eternally significant. And that's okay. It really is! 

I'm four paragraphs into this thing here and kind of feel like my grandma, God bless her. She was under five feet tall, loud, and had a mole on her cheek the size of an eyeball. I remember it that way, but it probably wasn't so bad. She was nothing if not curt, and always dropping pearls of infinite wisdom like shut the hell up and finish the food on your plate. You can always do worse than shutting than shutting the hell up and finishing your dinner. I think that's important for everyone to know. If those students came back and asked another question, I think I would answer with that--maybe even irrespective of the question.  

All told, we're really excited to see what they come up with and how it fits together given how talented we know they are. They were really great.

We'll be throwing that sucker up on our social media feeds so you can all make fun of Rick for looking like semi-retired bingo-hall wrestler and sympathize with the look on Miranda's face--the one where she's pondering, in light of her husband's ponytail, the moment her bright future left her.

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