RoP will be open this Saturday, September 17th at 10:00a. We're taking pre-orders for Saturday pick-up times. Other than that, we'll be serving slices and coffees, espressos, lattes, and mochas--all that good stuff--this Saturday. 

We love bringing the kids out to the Apple Festival Grand Parade, but that's something we'll  have leave to other people this year. Pie ain't gonna make itself, you know. But we're lucky people here. We have a lot family around Southern Illinois. Even as much as I joke about not needing a telephone number (they don't call) or a welcome mat (they just come on over)--it's a good thing. It's a good thing to entertain family and those who care for you.

If you've never been to the parade, you're really missing out.

As for us, we're gonna meet a lot of people this Saturday who aren't familiar with the shop, and that's a good thing too. We're lucky, people, man. We get new customers and they usually say the nicest things about us. Except for that one woman who, just the other day, wrote one of the greatest Facebook reviews ever written. Even as much as I joke about printing out directions to the closest Walmart for folks who name drop Marie Calendar (I'm gonna do it this year) and who don't get FAQ pages ('s a good thing. It's a good thing to entertain curious people of all kinds. 

We're also gonna meet a lot of people this Saturday who will have things to say about the way things are or aren't with respect to the town, the festival, the shop, other shops, other people, etc. Even as much as I joke about life being a Kafka novel and all of us standing accused--it's a good thing. We think critics are very helpful, even though some of them might think that taking offense with something is the same as actually doing something. We get it. That temptation is pretty strong. So is the impulse to get little cranky and start fires with just about anything as kindling-wood. Plank, speck, doesn't matter. Large crowds are kind of difficult to deal with for us too. But, all told, some folks are going to find hills to climb up, and they're going to climb them with the sole intent of dying on them. Right on top them. Or, maybe at the base of them. Or, maybe just around them, like in their neighborhood. Like, yeah, maybe they'll just die in the general vicinity of some hills because It's the dying that's most important.

It's a lot of work, really. Being offended takes some energy, man. So does the planning and execution of the festival, or Parade Day. Heck, I'm a little gassed writing this blog. Everything takes energy. So, before I can summon any more, I should stop here. See, the thing is, I've got some lawn chairs to set-up out in front of the shop. A pretty long line of them, actually. I don't want to tire myself out here.

Come see us this Saturday morning.

We'll give you some great pie and coffee and maybe even a laugh too.