I thought about taking this to Facebook, but I have friends who say I'm verbose and that Facebook gives me all the rope I need to hang myself up. So, here I am with unrelated items.

1. If you want to place an order for Christmas pie, please call the store at 618-565-5189. We aren't taking orders for the holidays online for a number of reasons and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

2. I have degrees in English. Words are all I have. When the robots come for the jobs, if the cars drive themselves, the order fills itself, and the medicine dispenses itself the Tin Foil Ad Hoc Committee on the Triple Revolution will stand tall, but the joke is on them robots. Can't take a job I don't have, you silly alloyed bastards. All the creatives on the street say amen.

3. Miranda told me about some windows being shot out uptown here in Murphysboro. Don't know who did it, don't know when it was done. I'm hoping it stops. It's hard enough to get ahead in life without someone shooting marbles through your window panes. 

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