Dale's Burger Shack is something to believe in.

I'm not talking about their burgers, polish sausages, or hot dogs--though I tried them all in one epic protein tsunami and heretofore approve of all meats in the shack. I'm not even talking about the larger call to support local business, though that's a noble call and one we support with a lion's share of our time, energy and money. I'm talking about a couple of young guys diving headlong into one of the most thankless industries I've had the pleasure of complaining about. Misery loves company. Believe that. 

Seriously, though, I walked into Dale's a few weeks ago after seeing a hand-drawn sign on what looked to be a giant-ass whiteboard.  I appreciated that hustle, man. It was charming. They wanted to get started, so they put a sign up, man. The storefront's windows were colored with shoe polish. The door was open and the grill emanated heat and the affectionate, caring aroma of Vienna beef and french fries--wave after wave after wave. I was in love, immediately ready to shack up with the shack. 

I ordered one of pretty much everything on the menu and it took some time to get to me. Some of you might be reading this, thinking, if they don't get the orders out fast enough they're gonna die. 

You're probably right. But I'm telling you the food is good, the service doesn't lack for effort and they'll figure it out. They'll figure it out, and if they don't they'll fail. Dale's Burger Shack is something to believe in because they're not afraid to fail. There's more too it though. That's the thing about opening a public space for public consumption. You invite public criticism in. It casually dines with us from time to time at RoP. But food industry folks aren't alone in this, of course. All industries get it, their operators bearing the brunt. Sometimes you deflect it, sometimes there's not enough water in the world to wash it clean off. So not only do you become unafraid of failure, you become familiar with it. And then you become hospitable to it. You send it on its way until it shows up again. 

Point is, Dale's is gonna do great. They'll be serving slices of our pie. Go check them out.